Little Grey Men

by Bb

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Book 9 of 19 in the Fantasy with Little People
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Baldmoney, Sneezewort, Dodder, and Cloudberry are the last four gnomes existing in Britain. Until recently, the brothers have lived together in their oak tree home on the banks of the Folly brook. But several months ago, Cloudberry disappeared, and the others eventually decide they must try to find him.

They build a little boat to take them upstream -- and thus begins a magical and captivating adventure filled with surprises. The enchanting gnomes are forced to use all their courage and skill, and their bonds of love for each other are tested right up until the book's dramatic conclusion.

BB's classic English novel, now brought back into print as part of The Julie Andrews Collection, offers young readers humor, excitement, and the wonder of nature -- all from the perspective of four delightful, unique, and richly drawn characters.


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