Love Reborn

by Tamara Zeegers

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Book 19 of 29 in the Paranormal Fantasy
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Love can never die in Tamara Zeegers's haunting new novel, Love Reborn.

Nanach, a three-and-a-half-thousand-year-old vampire, is part of an ancient Council in charge of guiding and protecting humanity throughout the ages. While the vampires manage to survive by taking a little from many, they are strictly forbidden to kill any of their victims, unless sanctioned by The Council.

Soon Nanach learns that her true love has once again been reborn into this world and immediately rushes to his side—only to discover that he is an aging rock star whose presence has been hidden from her for years by an unknown enemy.

Having lost her love to death so many times in the past, from his murder during battle in ancient Egypt to his execution during the Spanish Inquisition to his succumbing to the plague following the French Revolution, Nanach is determined to ensure they are together this time...forever.

But there is an ancient force that threatens Nanach's eternal happiness—a force that has systematically wiped out all those closest to her since the time of her vampiric turning.

Can Nanach find and destroy her enemy before her love succumbs to death once again?

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Nicky | 2014-10-14 09:41:06
Great new take on the vampire genre, I would recommend this to any vampire lover out there
Anonymous | 2015-10-27 06:57:41
hot and steamy
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