Lyonesse Trilogy

by Jack Vance

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1983 1st Ed, Berkley


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JT | 2014-01-28 08:38:04
"A superlative work of fantasy that predates The Lord of the Rings." Actually, the Lyonesse books were published in the 80s. Perhaps you're thinking of Vance's Dying Earth series, the first of which predates LOTR by a few years (and which was an acknowledged influence on D
JT | 2014-01-28 08:41:35 comment got cut off. Should say "an acknowledged influence on D
JT | 2014-01-28 08:43:40
JT | 2014-01-28 08:50:12
WTF? I guess when you use the "and" symbol the rest gets cut off. Whatever. Great series. But to finish my previous thought, Dying Earth was a huge influence on D AND D, as well as epic fantasy in general.
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