Necessary Evil

by Lynn Alyson

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A woman living in the shadows, protecting her child from a monster. A garbled, incoherent phone call in the middle of the night that sounds like murder. When Cynthia’s friend comes up missing, can she ignore what every instinct tells her? Convinced she heard a killer doing his evil deed, and fearing her friend was the victim, she seeks someone she can trust to find out for sure. Cops are the enemy because her fragile identity would never withstand even minimal scrutiny. Enter PI Ramon Riley, who confirms her suspicions about the call, while nursing a growing suspicion of his own—about Cynthia.

With the hounds of a violent past nipping viciously at her heels and an insane vigilante targeting his only witness, Cyn’s plight gives new meaning to the term double jeopardy. She and Ramon devise a plan to outwit her two villainous foes, but fate fails to cooperate, forcing her to confront her worst nightmare.

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