Night Marshal: A Tale Of The Undead West

by Gary Jonas

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Book 27 of 37 in the Weird West Fantasy Books
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Vampires in the Old West!

Jack Talon, a former US Marshal and infamous gunslinger, is dying of tuberculosis when he arrives in Silver Plume, Colorado with his lovely wife, Sonya. He just wants to do a bit of gambling and get on with the business of dying. Instead he finds himself face to face with Christopher Smythe, a vampire who holds a grudge against the mayor of the town.

The mayor hires Jack to kill the vampire, but what Jack doesn't know is that his wife sees Smythe as Jack's salvation. Vampires don't get sick. Vampires live forever. Vampires never age. So what if you have to kill people and drink their blood. Sounds like a bargain to her. She loves her husband and doesn't want it to end with till death do us part.

So she sets her own plan into motion...

Saddle up and come along for the ride in this action-packed novella of the undead west.

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