Order Of The Dragonbonded

by JD Hart

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Being bonded to a peevish adolescent wyvern can be pretty irritating, and Conner Stonefield wants nothing more than to ditch his dragon and get back to his simple life. But he soon discovers that the dragon may be the only one on his side. While human and dragon struggle to find common ground, word reaches both the Harmonic and Anarchic orders of the first human-dragon bonding in over five hundred years, and an urgent race to find the pair begins.

Meanwhile, Princess Veressa finds her bond, but her connection with the animal is stronger than she could have imagined, and the future that’s revealed to her in a vision veers far from the path she is expected to take. When tragedy strikes, Veressa is faced with a host of new responsibilities, and she must find the courage and wisdom to begin making difficult choices.
Unforeseen circumstances force Conner and Veressa to cross paths again—this time resulting in a connection that will prove anything but fleeting.

Genres: Young adult, coming of age, fantasy, dragons, magic, epic, adventure, mystery
Explicit language/sex: Very mild
Violence: Moderate

Order of the Dragonbonded is the second book in the Dragonbonded Return series.

What readers are saying about “Order of the Dragonbonded”:
“Wow, I was cheering, crying, crying for joy, laughing. Your second book is awesome!!!!”
“I opted for the vacation day, promptly sat down on the couch, and didn't move for the whole day while I read your book. I loved the story.”
“I truly loved the book! … Whenever I had a chance I would open up the file and read on. … I cannot wait for the next book to come out!”
“I could not put this book down! Great story! More!”

Visit www.thedragonbonded.com for details about the series, other works in progress, and the Dragonbonded world.

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