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Millions of Robert Jordan fans will rejoice at the release of the ninth book in the phenomenally bestselling series The Wheel of Time. The sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller The Path of Daggers, which swept the nation like a firestorm, Winter's Heart continues a r...

  • Author: Robert Jordan
  • Publish Date: 2011-03-01
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    Best characterization in fantasy(Ranked 24 out of 50)

    This is a public list aimed to vote the best made characters in fantasy litterature. Please add missing main characters! Focus on: - Depth of the character - Character development - Character emotions...


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    RE: Best characterization in fantasy
    By: Hikerike
    2012-10-25 07:19:57

    Rand is absolutely one of my favourites , i love how he changes from a nice young man to the stone cold emperor ( how he compares himself to steel) there is probably some more changes to him in the last book wich i look forward too!

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