Ravens Deep

by Jane Jordan

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Book 21 of 67 in the Best Romantic Vampire Books
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Madeline Shaw is drawn into the life of the mysterious Mr. Chambers when she accepts an invitation to stay at Ravens Deep, a beautiful old house, remotely situated on the wooded coast of Exmoor in England.  Soon after her arrival she meets the equally enigmatic Darius. His enchanting nature and their mutual attraction form the basis of a relationship.

But Ravens Deep conceals a chilling secret.

While Madeline deals with a supernatural presence in the house, Darius must protect her from a life few could imagine to be real, and none allowed to survive. Their love promises to destroy them both, and Darius demands that she leave him and return to London.

Still Darius dominates her every thought, and when Madeline discovers his deadly secret, her future seems clear. Despite the terrible legacy steeped in blood and desire, she is compelled to return to Ravens Deep.

From the strong gothic imagery of the moors, to the darker side of city life in London, Madeline and Darius’s connection defies the boundaries of time, combining vampire superstition with a complex and modern love story.

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