Razored Saddles

by Joe R. Lansdale

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Book 32 of 37 in the Weird West Fantasy Books
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This anthology contains: Black Boots by Robert R. McCammon; Thirteen Days of Glory by Scott Cupp; Gold by Lewis Shiner; The Tenth Toe by F. Paul Wilson; Sedalia by David J. Schow; Trapline by Ardath Mayhar; Trail of the Chromium Bandits by Al Sarrantonio; Dinker's Pond by Richard Laymon; Stampede by Melissa Mia Hall; Empty Places by Gary L. Raisor; Tony Red Dog by Neal Barrett, Jr.; The Passing of the Western by Howard Waldrop; Eldon's Penitente by Lenore Carroll; The Job by Joe R. Lansdale; I'm Always Here by Richard Christian Matheson; Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty..He Said by Chet Williamson; and Razored Saddles by Robert Petitt.

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