Rise Of The Giants

by James MacGhil

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Semi-divine super soldiers, disgruntled fallen angels, giant dudes on high protein diets, beastly creatures of twisted divine genetics, a Heavenly grudge match played out on an Earthly stage – Just another arcane day at the office in the Guild of Deacons.

In life, Captain Dean Robinson was a soldier. A rather elite member of the US military. West Point grad, Army Ranger, professional tough guy with an unrelenting sarcastic charm – a genuine stand up dude. However, upon his untimely, and inexplicably predestined, death at the hand of a fallen angel with a serious superiority complex and snappy wardrobe, he became something else – a Deacon. But not the kind of deacon you’re thinking of. Unless, of course, you’re thinking about a semi-divine super soldier cloaked in darkness and wielding a hell-fire smothered sword and otherworldly shotgun. If that’s the case – you’re right on.

Not quite angel but no longer human, he became the last of forty-nine souls blessed and cursed with an equal share of God’s wrath. A physical manifestation of the left hand of God walking amongst men. Conceived of the Earth but no longer mortal, he was bestowed with a mantle of power created for one sole purpose — to maintain the Balance between mankind and the bastard offspring of Heaven — the nephilim. A harrowing collection of cursed beings resulting from the blasphemous breeding of fallen angels and human women. An ancient race of giants and other assorted beasties of an unnatural persuasion that nearly devoured the human race. Literally.

Finding himself at the prophetic pinnacle of a millennia old battle raging in the shadows of the Earth and the Heavens, Dean and his newfound gang of arcane sidekicks, from the Seventh Realm of Third Heaven, embark on an epic mission to thwart the rise of the new generation of unnatural beasties and save the world from certain apocalyptic demise.

There is an evil in the world of man. It’s been here since the beginning. Hidden neatly within the fabric of our very existence, festering through generation upon generation — Manipulating — Corrupting — Evolving. Closer than you could ever imagine. Conversely, there are those that maintain the Balance.

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Anonymous | 2017-08-16 10:16:12
A tour de force of a rollicking ride with more than enough smash you in the face surprises and characters that will literally rip your skin off. Read this in bed late at night and you'll definitely require strong coffee the next morning to get to your day job. 5 Stars.
Anonymous | 2017-08-16 11:22:51
I loved this book! MacGhil is like the love child of Dan Brown and George Carlin. He's struck a perfect balance between a dose of historical fiction and enough foul mouthed wit that would make a sailor blush. I loved the variation in his characters and the obvious time and thought he put into developing them as the story progresses. I can't wait to read more from him and see how this exciting trilogy concludes.
Anonymous | 2017-08-17 02:19:57
I love all of the well developed characters in this book. Some of these guys remind me of my Army buddies. The book is very entertaining.
Anonymous | 2017-08-17 02:26:49
I have read both of MacGhil's novels and have laughed out loud at the hilarious situations that MacGhil's unique characters create with their master of witty dialect and testosterone laden language. MacGhil is the male equivalent to Janet Enanovich....action, thrills, hilarity, and an obvious talent to entertain. Cannot wait for the next publication ❤️🌺
Anonymous | 2017-09-22 04:50:22
Great book! Can't wait to read the second one in the series.
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