Soldier Son Trilogy

by Robin Hobb

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Book 71 of 167 in the Best Epic Fantasy Books
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Anonymous | 2014-10-29 11:16:26
Protagonists need obstacles set in their way to show how awesome they are, to show how much they have developed since the start of the tale. In fantasy this usually has to do with physical challenges and a fighting ability that increases, the soldier son trilogy is a series for those that want something that goes against that norm. It is mainly social and personal challenges, with other words a lot of emotions. It is the journey of a unwilling hero. As far as I can tell people that dislike the Name of the Wind does it mainly because the main character felt too perfect, the soldier son trilogy run the same risk but for the opposite reason, the main character suffers from a severe lack of confidence and overall weakness. The scale of the worlds are about the same but the soldier son has very different themes, such as expectations in a strict society and accepting your failures in life. I've never rooted for the main character this much in a fantasy book before.
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