Song Of Ice And Fire

by George R.R. Martin

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Book 5 of 168 in the Best Epic Fantasy Books
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George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series has become, in many ways, the gold standard for modern epic fantasy. Martin--dubbed the "American Tolkien" by Time magazine--has created a world that is as rich and vital as any piece of historical fiction, set in an age of knights and chivalry and filled with a plethora of fascinating, multidimensional characters that you love, hate to love, or love to hate as they struggle for control of a divided kingdom. It is this very vitality that has led it to be adapted as the HBO miniseries "Game of Thrones."

This boxed set includes the following novels:
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows

Other books in series

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Anonymous | 2013-02-05 03:33:34
No character devlopment, because everyone dies as soon as you figure out who they are. Not much "fantasy" involved in it. The series is basically about politics and incest, throw in a sword and they call it fantasy.
Anonymous | 2013-06-28 04:19:49
I agree 100% of the last three comments this series is well thought out!
Anonymous | 2013-07-09 05:07:47
By the second book I decided it was a soap opera and tossed it. Seems like the most popular things these days are soap operas. Tell me if I'm wrong about it and I'll give it another shot. Five stars as a soap opera, 1 star as a novel.
Anonymous | 2013-09-12 01:01:24
Worst Fantasy series I have read. After a great start (unknown menace, strong protagonists) the books wander off into a never ending political tangle, reveling in pointless brutality.
Anonymous | 2014-05-23 03:40:46
Haters will hate behind the anonymity of the internet. Worst fantasy you have read? Come on, what kind of lazy BS response is that. Even if you didn't like it, I would say you are being a bit over dramatic when you say, "worst fantasy series I have read." If you want to read something that feels "real" this is a series for you. The world is not all cupcakes and butterflies. From a natural perspective, nature is violent and vicious: predator and prey. Our world is politicking and power struggle, and everything doesn't always end kindly. JFK was a terrible tragedy, but the country marches on. Choices are rarely ever black and white, good or bad. Look at the parallels between our wars in the middle east, and Danerys march through Essas. If you can't handle the violence, sex, and reality of life, then no, this series is probably not for you.
Anonymous | 2014-12-21 03:20:55
After the first three books the plot really seems to drag along, and I honestly couldn't give two craps about the majority of the characters. Hopefully Martin picks up the pace in in Winds of Winter. Overall it's a pretty decent series, just not my favorite. (3.5 stars)
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