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Sookie Stackhouse


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It’s vampire politics as usual around the town of Bon Temps, but never before have they hit so close to Sookie’s heart…

Growing up with telepathic abilities, Sookie Stackhouse realized early on there were things she’d rather not know. And now that she’s an adult, she also re...

  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • Publish Date: 2012-05-01
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    By: whitepawn
    2013-03-03 03:12:26

    Professional damsel in distress. World: good. Sookie: not so much.

    Anita Blake was first, and better, until Book 9.

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    By: Anonymous
    2015-04-09 02:31:45

    I read all 13 book and thought all were good except the last 2 and the 13th sucked....Really the Vamp gets The vamp Queen weather he loved Sookie or not and Sookie though in love with the Vamp Gets the Shifter..... really... I will not read any more of her books because of it

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