The Belgariad

by David Eddings

3.25 avg rating
Book 13 of 255 in the Best Fantasy Series
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Millions of readers have discovered the magic of David Eddings’ New York Times bestselling series The Belgariad. Now the first three books in this monumental epic appear in a single volume. Here, long-time fans can rediscover the wonder—and the uninitiated can embark upon a thrilling new journey of fantasy and adventure.

It all begins with the theft of the Orb that for so long protected the West from an evil god. As long as the Orb was at Riva, the prophecy went, its people would be safe from this corrupting power. Garion, a simple farm boy, is familiar with the legend of the Orb, but skeptical in matters of magic. Until, through a twist of fate, he learns not only that the story of the Orb is true, but that he must set out on a quest of unparalleled magic and danger to help recover it. For Garion is a child of destiny, and fate itself is leading him far from his home, sweeping him irrevocably toward a distant tower—and a cataclysmic confrontation with a master of the darkest magic.

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Anonymous | 2013-01-07 11:41:48
This series would rank in the top five if the criteria was the "most important" series in fantasty. Incredibly easy to read, it introduces all of the fantasy tropes in bite-sized chunks that are easy to swallow. The Belgariad is to fantasy what Star Wars is to Sci-Fi. Shallow, action-packed and fun. Eddings boils down the archetypical fantasy characters into caricatures. The role of each character is easy to see. This is not a failure of Eddings' writing style, it is the strength. Character development does not get in the way of story telling. And for all the criticisms of the Belgariad, nobody seriously says it isn't a good tale. If you still cheer when Luke Skywalker blows up the Deathstar, you would enjoy this series.
Anonymous | 2014-03-15 11:36:52
I was given the Belgariad years ago by my grandmother since that time I have reread the books countless times not to mention the rest of my family, the book takes you to a place you never knew existed its written so well that you literally can't put it down in fear that something could this day I still recommend it to everyone, it is my favourite series ( I have read a lot of fantasy books and other genres)
Skip | 2014-10-27 12:07:34
This was one of the first of many fantasy series that I have read, and is still one of my favorites. Yep, it's the traditional farmboy with the magic sword battles evil and triumphs, but I see nothing wrong with that. Would recommend the series to anyone, but particularly younger readers.
Anonymous | 2015-03-03 07:40:17
I loved this series and still reread it fairly regularly. I found the character development to be among the best I've read (and I read a lot), so much so that if there was nothing but dialogue, I would still be able to ascertain who was saying what. It is formulaic, but then again so are countless other books. I loved the storytelling and liked that you could tell the different races were derived from real races throughout time (Chereks - Vikings; Algaria - Mongols; Tolnedra - Romans, etc). I recommend this series to a lot of people. Like I've said, I've reread this numerous times, but I have yet to reread LoTR...
Anonymous | 2015-04-21 07:22:55
This is a fun and easy read... I loved it.
Anonymous | 2015-05-30 02:46:40
Ok this is ridiculous. First, yes fantasy has come a long way in the last 30 years since Pawn of Prophecy was released in I believe 1982. But seriously, you have to take into consideration that Fantasy was still really new at the time. And while you might look at the cliches and roll your eyes, I found his characters to be well done. Belgarath became the first wizard/adviser to have quite a few bad habits. Polgara was bad tempered and fierce and Silk was sardonic and yet you could see his strengths and weaknesses plain as day. I also felt the real plot beneath the supposed plot was actually quite outstanding. I read these in the mid-nineties and loved them, and while I can freely admit that I have read many better books since, but that this is considered among the worst written and most overrated is laughable.
Anonymous | 2015-08-07 07:26:46
You do realise you only mention the Belgariad, right? You state "Don’t bother with the rest of his books unless you really fall in love with the two first series mentioned above." But only mention one.
Nate | 2015-08-26 08:16:27
I made it through Pawn of Prophecy only through sheer determination: it was painfully bad.
WillMc | 2015-09-17 08:57:46
I don't know if I'd call Eddings a hack. He's one of the first authors I read when I got into fantasy. The worst thing that Eddings and his wife, who was later revealed as his co-author, were guilty was writing the same book at least twenty times Belgariad up to Redemption of Althalus. Same characters, plot, archetypes, magic, etc. Their heroes and villains were also pathetically stupid or immature. They did build an interesting mythology, since I did enjoyed the story behind the Belgariad/Mallorean pantheon of deities.
Anonymous | 2016-12-18 09:09:39
I read the Belgariad when I was young and loved it but it was very likely the first fantasy I read. I revisited it recently and was disappointed. It simply was not very good. So I have to agree with this one.
Anton | 2017-05-29 07:39:26
The Belgarid is the best beginner's fantasy I've read. It handles about everything in a funny way and keeps the tempo up most of the time. It doesnt reach Goodkind levels but the very idea that the bad actions of the protagonist have little to no consequence is not something that age well. Atleast the fight scenes seems to be used to propell the story. The idea of a dark god is also well done. A person who can make his demented aspirations into reality to a degree but fails to see how the reality handles his visions.
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