The Care And Feeding Of Griffins

by R. Lee Smith

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Taryn MacTavish found the egg in a pile of wet leaves on a camping trip when she was only nine years old. A nine-year old believes in a lot of things--killer snipes, flying dragons, magical powers and fantastic worlds--but the woman that Taryn has become is firmly rooted in the real world...until the egg she has safely kept all these years hatches into a baby griffin. Now she must make a choice: Abandon Aisling and lead a normal life, or follow a mysterious singing gypsy out of Earth and into Arcadia, where wizardry is very real and each new day brings unimaginable new dangers.

The first installment of R. Lee Smith's Lords of Arcadia series, THE CARE AND FEEDING OF GRIFFINS tells a fast-paced suspenseful story that takes the reader right to the edge of the darkest thrills.

Look for Lords of Arcadia: Book II
Coming in May 2010

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