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The Cold Fire Trilogy


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The Coldfire trilogy tells a story of discovery and battle against evil on a planet where a force of nature exists that is capable of reshaping the world in response to psychic stimulus. This terrifying force, much like magic, has the power to prey upon the human mind, drawing forth a person's wo...


  • Author: C.S. Friedman
  • Publish Date: 2005-09-06
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    Reviews/Comments On The Cold Fire Trilogy

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    By: Jen B
    2014-07-27 06:28:02

    I've read and reread this trilogy so many times I've lost count. One of the few I won't lend out because it would kill me if I didn't get then back. No spoilers, just buy them, read them, love them.

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    By: Louve
    2015-05-23 09:44:01

    The book series that is pretty difficult to define. It is neither a classical fantasy, nor s-f, and yet... Well, no spoilers, but all I want to say is, however "classical" fantasy reader you might be, do not get discouraged from reading the Cold Fire Trilogy just because it may not fall neatly into the fantasy category. Fantastic plot with amazing characters, written with a style of someone who simply loves the beauty of language and knows how to employ it. Since the Cold Fire Trilogy I have become a huge fan and meticulous reader of Ms C.S. Friedman's books.

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