The Dagger And The Coin Series

by Daniel Abraham

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Geder Palliako's star is rising. He is a hero of Antea, protector to the crown prince, and darling of the court. But storms from his past are gathering, and with them, a war that will change everything.

Cithrin bel Sarcour founded a powerful bank on stolen wealth, forged papers, and ready blades. Now every move she makes is observed, recorded, and controlled. Unless Cithrin can free herself from her gilded cage, the life she made will be for naught; war may provide just the opportunity she needs.

An apostate priest sees the hidden hand behind all: a long-buried secret of the dragon empire threatens everything humanity has built. An age of madness and death approaches, with only a few doomed heroes to stand in its way.


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Chris | 2013-10-03 06:52:26
Very very good series, highly recommended!
jdsds | 2013-11-14 08:10:04
Okay I read this book and it was absolutely amazing. I thought it was very very well done, and not the same old 'evil in the north countries need to unite in the south to fight it' (although I absolutely love those stories to bits) It has some elements of the above, and a lot of elements (that I love) from the general fanatasy epic, but a lot of new refreshing elements. It is huge fun to read, and Id say almost flawless (pretty fast moving etc)
TimeTwister | 2014-11-15 08:29:23
This was the worst fantasy novel I have ever read, and I have read hundreds. Bland characters, arbitrary races, boring plot, excessively detailed writing - it fails again and again.
Anonymous | 2015-02-14 06:22:45
I bought the first book in this series based purely on the description on this site and it's ranking here. After numerous attempts, I've given up, and haven't made it more than a third of the way through the book. I don't know how it got such a high ranking or good reviews. The story starts by following 4 main characters, and with every single one of them, I found their motivations and actions hard to believe. It seems like the author had a very carefully planned plot with lots of clever political twists and detailed character actions, and then after that tried to sprinkle some personality into the characters. Unfortunately their personalities do not match their actions or roles they are playing. In the end they all are hard to believe and even harder to like. They are like flat, lifeless puppets. If you like great plots and don't care much for characters, maybe you'll enjoy this book. But if you like character driven stories, move on. As you can tell I'm pretty grumpy... this site has never let me down until now.
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