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The Engineer Trilogy


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  • Author: K. J. Parker
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    By: James Squire
    2013-06-24 09:12:29

    I just finished reading book one and I won't be reading book two. The main protagonist isn't even remotely believable and has very little to recommend him (in fact very few of the characters are.'believable'). I also think the plot itself was trite and formulaic but even with that, sat poorly within the characterisation in that the characters didn't behave in a manner consistent with how the author set them up. Parker also spends too much time meandering through technical detail, done in such a heavy handed way as to be evident attempts at showing off hard won knowledge, but which actually detract more from a story that really needs all the help it can get.

    All in all, having read fantasy for the last 25 years and followed the recommendations of this site several times (First Law Trilogy, Black Company, Mazalan book of the Fallen), this book was a singular disappointment and I don't feel it meets the high standard otherwise evident on this site.

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    By: reviewer
    2013-07-27 01:33:15

    k, so i saw 0 comments. Had 2 reply!
    This book is a book for realists. The whole book your waiting for some really epic shit to happen some uber drama some heroic feats etc.. if you get off at those like me your going to get dissapointed. dunno if this should be classed as fantasy. it takes place in a world that is not earth and humans have progressed diffrently then our world, but apart from that it has the same rules as earth.

    so if your llooking for a medicore in war,drama and love your good here. Only thing going for this book is that you want to know what happens. The ending wasn't dissapointing, but fitting for this book.

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