The Heroes

by Joe Abercrombie

3.5 avg rating
Book 6 of 22 in the The Fantastic Top Ten
458 votes 4 comments
They say Black Dow's killed more men than winter, and clawed his way to the throne of the North up a hill of skulls. The King of the Union, ever a jealous neighbor, is not about to stand smiling by while he claws his way any higher. The orders have been given and the armies are toiling through the northern mud. Thousands of men are converging on a forgotten ring of stones, on a worthless hill, in an unimportant valley, and they've brought a lot of sharpened metal with them.


For glory, for victory, for staying alive.

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Anonymous | 2015-11-02 11:28:42
Wonderful. Hard to read at times but totally gripping.
Anonymous | 2017-08-11 10:26:04
I don't know. It has some great scenes, but the book is too long and pointless. Once you realize nothing is at stake and the story can only end in misery or status quo, it loses all tension, and that was about a fourth of the way in for me. It is like that song: "War!! What is it good for?" in a 20 hour remix. It is a pretty awesome song but the message doesn't stay relevant or awesome for 20 hours.
Anonymous | 2017-08-11 10:27:18
now with a score
Nennorwe | 2018-01-30 07:36:48
Heroes was good, but I thought Best Served Cold was better.
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