The Hungering Saga

by Heath Pfaff

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Book 37 of 77 in the Dark Fantasy Books
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Twisted by black magic and driven by soul crushing loss, Lowin Fenly, a young scribe-turned-knight, struggles to hold onto his humanity as he battles to rescue that which he values most in the world. Along the way he will be forced to make friends of his enemies, and enemies of his friends. He will grow from a boy no one has heard of, into a man destined to leave the land forever changed, but how will he be remembered? Will he be Sir Fenly, Hero of the People, or will he be Lowin the Dread, a monster to terrify children?

The Hungering Saga is a sweeping story that begins in familiar fantasy territory, and quickly twists many of the genre staples back upon themselves. These books contain violence and sexual situations.

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NEW RELEASE - Crown of Steel (Chaos Awakens 2) - - NEW RELEASE


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