The Icewind Dale Trilogy

by R.A. Salvatore

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Book 29 of 37 in the Worst Fantasy Books Ever
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The fourth in a series of premiere hardcover editions of Salvatore’s classic dark elf tales.

This new release of the classic R.A. Salvatore novel continues the classic tale of Salvatore’s signature dark elf character Drizzt Do’Urden™. Although this was the first title actually published about Drizzt, it has now been placed in its proper chronological order as fourth in the series. Each title in The Legend of Drizzt series showcases the classic dark elf novels in new, deluxe hardcover editions. Each title will feature all new cover art and new introductions written by those who have become familiar with Salvatore and Drizzt over the years.

AUTHOR BIO: R.A. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in 1959 and still makes his home there. He has published numerous Forgotten Realms novels with Wizards of the Coast, Inc., most of which have been New York Times best-sellers. He is also known as the best-selling author of the Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones novelization from Del Rey.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Anonymous | 2012-10-03 03:30:57
Despite the "official" review i believe this series is quite amazing. admittedly, he/she did kind of pin it when it came to the misunderstood person thing. There is some serious character development in this series and even more so later on in Salvatore's "The Forgotten Realms" series. It is definitely an Epic fantasy book and i believe this "offical" review has it all wrong.
Anonymous | 2013-11-27 10:18:12
You should not be reviewing books. Crystal Shard i know to be a very popular intro to fantasy writing as well as Sword of Shannara. Kids think hey i like this book i will share it with my friend because i want them to experience what i experienced. Yes RAS and TB can be for younger readers more but often older readers still enjoy them because of the love for the characters like Bruenor Battlehammer or Allanon. Your reviews sound like you have a crush on Tolkien.
Anonymous | 2014-01-28 02:44:21
This book introduced me to fantasy (back when I didn't know who Mary Sue and Marty Stu were), so this will always have a special place in my heart. As a young fantasy reader I loved it, so I believe it has a niche.
Anonymous | 2014-03-17 06:35:10
i completely support your opinnion on this, specially the part of the rolling dices i told exactly the same to my friends, i read the thousand orcs and every page was terrible, RAS has the same writing capacity as a 12 year old kid
Anonymous | 2015-06-22 05:09:46
While they may not be the most original (Streams of Silver is basically just The Hobbit) I don't understand how in the world you can call Salvatore a bad writer. His fight scenes are fantastic.
Anonymous | 2015-07-11 12:04:23
You realize that the game wasn't based of this, these books were based off the game? He had to work with what he was given, and I personally think he did a great job. Drizzt isn't a perfect character, like a lot of people say he is. He actually has quite a few flaws in the books. I think the main thing people have a problem with is they're not into the deep meaning stuff he does, which I actually like. It makes you think, in my opinion. But at the same time it leads him to be naive in a lot of places. For anyone who knows about Myers Briggs, he's a INFJ. That's the same as Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter, or Gandelf from Lord of the Rings. They're known to be like that. (There aren't many of them I've met, mostly because they're the rarest type, but most of them are psychologists, teachers, positions that help people.) They're known to be perceptive, deep thinking, and have high values. It's just who he is. I don't agree with the "R.A. Salvatore writes like a twelve year old" thing. Point me to some of your own writing and let us be the judge of that. The only real flaw I see is the annoying habit of never allowing his characters to die. As a writer myself, that kinda gets to me. You need some to die to move forth the plot, make things more life like. Other than that though, it is a fantasy.
Anonymous | 2016-04-29 09:07:36
Awww. Someone above said that these books introduced them to the Fantasy genre. It did the same for 4 other people I know (myself not included). I believe that it's a good read for those who are new to the genre, but as you "progress", you'll most likely get fed up. That being said, I made it to the "Pirate King" which then led me to your site for other reads.
Chris L | 2016-05-19 01:54:41
I read a couple of these when I found them free in a library and there wasn't anything else. My goodness, they're terrible, aren't they? I only read the first two of the "Legend of Drivel" or whatever, but yuck. You've got to give the guy credit, though: as you can see from the angry comments above, he's got his audience dead to rights, and they love him. He provides reliable, action-packed, utterly predictable garbage. The plot twists are telegraphed twenty pages in advance, the main character is a misunderstood superman who just happens to be a Drow -- which for a great many D
The Ghost of Carl Reiner | 2016-12-27 03:55:28
My favorite thing ever for today: the Dark Elf Trilogy being said to be Twilight for men...too true, too true. Funny. That being said, I totally agree with what you say here. I've tried rereading these books, having gotten them when they first came out when I was like 12. They are not as good as I remember, and I can't imagine RA producing anything but fantasy schlock.
Anonymous | 2017-08-28 07:35:53
I've got to admit, while I do enjoy this series, I wouldn't have cared for the Legend of Drizzt series if I'd started with the Crystal Shard. It's the weakest trilogy, and I tend to treat it as 'Lord of the Ring mash-up done in D
Anonymous | 2017-10-25 09:34:45
I would not believe whoever left this review actually read any of Salvatore's books. His stories are completely unique and extremely well written. Unless you're inferring that basically the entirety of fantasy fans are idiots, Salvatore is as good as they come.
Anonymous | 2017-12-14 04:20:50
"The entirety of fantasy fans"? If you think that the Drizzt books are universally loved, you're grossly mistaken. Get out of your little echo chamber. Yes, lots of people love the books. But lots of people also hate them.
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