The Illmoor Chronicles

by David Lee Stone

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Book 38 of 43 in the Comedic Fantasy Books
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Diek Wustapha is a normal shepherd boy-until a dark, evil magic instills him with the power to charm man and beast with his magic flute. When the ancient town of Illmoor is plagued by an infestation of giant rats, Diek offers to lead the rodents to their doom. But when the dim-witted Duke of Illmoor refuses to reward him, Diek seeks revenge by kidnapping the town's children. Just when it seems the children are gone for good, a team of misfit mercenaries-Groan, a buck-toothed Giant, Gordo, a wise-cracking dwarf, and Tambor, a has-been sorcerer-set out on a bumbling journey to stop Diek, and save the children. But will they be too late?

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