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The Initiate Brother


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From acclaimed author Sean Russell comes "fantasy at its best" (Quantum)--the prequel to Gatherer of Clouds. Plague and warfare have swept across the the ancient kingdom of Wa, and the peace of the Empire is threatened. Only Initiate Brother Shuyun, a mystically gifted Botahist monk, can save the Em...

  • Author: Sean Russell
  • Publish Date: 1991-04-03
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    By: Kym Taylor-Rhys
    2013-11-02 09:28:02

    World-building is excellent. Characters are strong and become very personal to the reader. The portrayal of oriental culture leaves you wanting much more. I wish this author SEAN RUSSELL would write more stories like this. The second book in this duology is called Gatherer of Clouds.

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    By: Brian
    2014-08-04 04:52:09

    A really wonderful pair of books. Great plotting, deep characters and a very rich world. Everyone should add these two books to their must-read list.

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    By: Mike Pierce
    2018-05-29 12:35:55

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