The Jackal Of Nar


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This powerful, multilayered saga features a complicated hero: brave yet sensitive General Richius Vantran. Ordered by the Emperor to halt a revolt by a religious faction, Vantran's success wins him both Imperial favor and a wife--though neither sits well with him. For in battle, he fell in love with...

  • Author: John Marco
  • Publish Date: 2000-02-01
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    By: Brian
    2012-11-15 09:12:43

    I loved this book (and the whole trilogy) and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for some great military fantasy which feels like nothing else out there. John Marco provides us with an interesting world filled with power struggles of every level: Empire, Race, Individual, Technology, and more!

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    RE: Best Fantasy Books
    By: Vinny
    2013-09-03 04:55:27

    Marco is one of the Best unknown authors out there. Read both his series and you will very happy.

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