The Legend Of Dragoon

by Dimension Publishing

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Book 14 of 19 in the Greatest Fantasy Games
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What do you get when you mix a stoic hero, an eager band of fellow adventurers, a mysterious evil force, dragons, fairies, expertly rendered backgrounds, fierce monsters, killer graphics and amazing battle sequences? The Legend of Dragoon! An epic RPG tale that unfolds across 4 CDs, 80 hours of gameplay, and 40 minutes of cutscenes, The Legend of Dragoon answers the call of role players everywhere. Prima's Official Strategy Guide will be there every step of the way, providing everything you need to navigate this incredible RPG, including:

Complete walkthroughs for all four chapters
Detailed character attributes
Comprehensive enemy stats
All sub-quests revealed
All Stardust located
Complete listing of all weapons, items, and accessories


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