The Middle Times Fantasy Series,

by D.S. MacLeod

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D.M. Halton | 2013-09-13 10:11:37
Having recently finished book 6, Red War pt2 in this series, I find myself reflecting back to where it all began with the Rise of Goblin King and I must say there is something to say about the art of a storyline. Often times the whole of any multiple book fantasy is given away in the beginning i.e. the quest to destroy a mystical ring so the storyline becomes the journey that we all know will occur by story’s end or the inevitable battle against the nasty ole enemy. Along the way of course, the subplots and characters entertain the reader until the climatic ending. This story, as I reflect back now, unfolds in a much more mysterious way for the reader. The legends included as bonus material often gives the reader important info that many characters may or may not know. The author does an excellent job at keeping the “end game” a bit allusive as the fantastical story unfolds before your eyes. I remember in the Lost Kingdom story how a special gavel…a source of power for crafting an impenetrable royal armor was such an intricate part of the storyline as well as the gold band upon the goblin’s finger. Now, a few books later I am amazed at the delivery of the story itself and finding out more about those little trinkets. And let me tell you- trinkets abound as the story evolves and each one is as mystical as you would expect it to be. So, this has it all for the avid fantasy buff including some added short story legends with elves, dwarves, goblins, mystical Imps and well people like us (interestingly enough in a variety of different races). Yet, most intriguing to me are the wizards. I’ve longed for a story surrounding them and seven of them each representing a color of the rainbow is brilliantly engrossing. I’ve read other indie fantasy books and few let alone a series has kept my interest enough to finish or rate, but this one here seems different. For creativity and keeping it interesting, I’m going with a four star for now…but a final rating for this lengthy series will have to wait. I foresee a possibility the author will merely depict what we did not see priory to the beginning of the series with the rise of the goblin king- an all-out war. Then at the start of book 1, it had just ended…the Indigo War where Darcos is defeated while possessing the Indigo wizard. As we stand at the conclusion of book 6, Darcos again possesses a wizard…the red one this time (although there are some notable differences). If that is the case, well it might pass respectively as a solid 3 star overall, good for an indie book. However, the author has been clever thus far and pleasantly surprised me before during the writing. Perhaps the final book will deliver something new and if it is spectacular enough- it may garnish 5 stars for a rating for an indie series. Actually, this all might be excellent in film someday IF the final book, “Times Yet to Be” is truly unpredictable and amazing…I guess time will tell all.
Ethan | 2013-09-18 08:21:18
I am almost finished with bk 1, the rise of the goblin king. I love the story especially the Pixy. It is fun reading things from the villain's side of things for a change. This Nifere (goblin king guy) is something else! The elf family is endearing and so is the dwarf sidekick. Thus far I'm so intrigued. Can't wait to find out more.
Rebecca | 2013-10-28 09:02:45
I took a chance on this series and just finished book 3 (TMT:SFE). I'm very intrigued with stories and thought the first two were very long and could use more editing, but after reading SFE I'm uncertain now. What I thought was going to occur did not happen the way I thought it would. SFE is much shorter in length and flows quickly without all the endless descriptions that made the first two books so lengthy and tiresome to read. I suppose the lengthy descriptions in bk 1
sunako | 2014-06-16 12:09:16
it is good?
sunako | 2014-06-16 12:13:38
i don't know if it is good,many says that it is good so i want 2 read this.
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