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The Night Angel Trilogy


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The omnibus edition of New York Times bestselling author Brent Weeks' blockbuster NIGHT ANGEL TRILOGY. With over one million copies in print, Brent Weeks has become one of the fastest selling new fantasy authors of all time.

For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art - and he is the c...

  • Author: Brent Weeks
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    Reviews/Comments On The Night Angel Trilogy

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    By: Tattersail
    2012-10-10 05:49:47

    Awesome, fast-paced and highly addicting series. However, the female characters aren't really portrayed realistically.

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    RE: RE:
    By: Anonymous
    2013-07-24 02:08:43

    I had the fortune of reading the first book, The Way of Shadows, recently and the first thing I can say is that Brent Weeks has come a long way in his narrative style in the following books. Now I'm not saying it's bad, but in comparison it's just... well, not as good. We start with Azoth, the generally unfortunate orphan terrorized by his gang leader Rat (one of the worst twist-ending characters I can think of). This is until he meets Durzo Blint, a “dark master” character, who decides to teach him how to become a wet boy; which is as much an assassin as a cat is to a tiger. Far be it from me to explain how an orphan boy being picked up by a master assassin to be taught in the ways of magic and murder is generic, remember it's not what you write it’s how you write it etc, etc. But seriously, the training passes so quickly with so little in depth detail that when the action actually does happen Azoth has to remind the reader of his abilities, some that the story never mentions him being taught in the first place. It's because of this reason and many like it that the book suffers from deus ex machina, and not just in the main character for that matter. Much of the events for Logan, Azoth's noble friend, also conveniently falls into place to the point of being made King without him even being aware of it. The scene that stuck out the most in this was when Lord Gyre, Logan's father, was returning home to find his wife and servants slaughtered only to be met by the King's guards who were ordered to arrest him. All he needed to say was, "You have been told a lie, follow me instead!" (paraphrasing) for them to turn-cloak on their King. Even if their loyalty to the royalty was fragile and Lord Gyre was just that charismatic it would take more than that to ride the tide of fear of going against this four-year-old-acting psycho King.What can I say about the main plot? There’s a magical sword, political upheaval and betrayal. One thing I enjoyed was that it stayed in one area. This gave an urban feel much like the first Mistborn book which I must say was a relief from having to go on another great big quest around the world (we get it, you like world-building). Though the magic system is also similar to Mistborn, in that it gives you the ability to leap around like a ninja monkey, unlike Allomancy and Drafting from The Lightbringer Saga there are hardly any limitations and this, once again, is prone to being able to do almost anything to help the main character get out of a tough situation. Even the narrative in some scenes is confusing (in the graphic audio as well). The complexity of the scene such as when Azoth is attempting to light the boats on fire by pushing some pillar over just made me feel lost. Similar to The Lies of Lock Lamora, we can also see how Weeks kills off a lot of his characters in the first book which leads me to assume that the survivors are simply un-killable, or immortal in Azoth's case, and that many more minor characters are going to be introduced and maybe killed off again in later books.Well now that the really nasty stuff is out of the way I must say in its favor that I very much enjoyed the emotional ride between Azoth and Doll Girl. The sequence of events leading from the hero being an orphan and powerless to help his friends to him secretly being her benefactor as his redemption was quite touching. That is until she rats him out to people most likely able to get him killed. But if I've learnt anything from modern fantasy it’s that nothing can muck things up better than a determined and misguided heroine. Two other things can be said for this book; the first is that it ends conclusively so that unless you have brought the omnibus you may feel you won’t have to read its sequels. The other is its pacing; a lot happens quickly in this book which some people might not like. I on the other hand feel that it managed to get through all of the slush of introductions nice and quickly before getting on to the real conflict. I was glad to see that Weeks had brought this along into The Black Prism book which did leave me wanting more and then again after reading The Blinding Knife. 7/10

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    RE: Kaladin's Top 10 series
    By: Anonymous
    2012-11-01 02:21:36

    I'll admit, I hated Weeks at first. I just recognized his books in the bookstore as the 'ninja books'. I finally picked them up after seeing them on the top 25 list on this site. I couldn't get into it for nearly 100 pages, and didn't start to actually LOVE it under the second book. Easily the most impressive debut of an author I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

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    RE: Best Fantasy Books
    By: Anonymous
    2012-12-05 12:43:54

    I too took a while to start to love this series. It just starts so dark, and I felt like I was rooting for... well... a killer. But by the end of book one and definitely by book two, I was hooked. I've actually re-read this series recently(I almost never do that, and authors don't always stand the test of time), and it was just as amazing the second time. My only complaint is that he didn't stretch the series into another book or two as the world he created could easily have produced some even more epic events (ie. the mages of Sho'fasti and Sho'cendi, Alitaera as a whole, etc. Awesome series!! (Like ASoIaF, unfortunately not for kids: too much violence and sexual content)

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    RE: Best Fantasy Series
    By: Anonymous
    2012-12-26 06:03:16

    One of my favorite series of all time. I can think of nothing negative to say about Weeks other than I hate the fact that it takes him so long to come out with new books.

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    By: Anonymous
    2013-06-07 09:48:03

    I found this series to have the kind of "well written" and "witty" dialogue that every 12 year old pervert will love, due to it's "well" thought out and "intellectual" nature. However I beseech one to read that series as one will not be surprised in the least by the plot twits, in fact from page 1, a discernible reader will know the basic ending of the story, and thus can praise it for being a well written work of fantasy. The author's characterization of women as being either virgins or whores will astound even the most ignoble character. And one can only marvel at the rate which the lesser characters die off, while the major ones do not.

    Seriously though, all I can say is WOW!

    This was the MOST overhyped book I have ever read. So many people recommended it to me I expected something really good. What I got was a book that felt like a young adult book that was trying to be adult by swearing and talking about sex, just like a 12 year old boy would do.

    While the book was entertaining and had some good concepts, it was deeply flawed in many ways, and really felt like it was targeted to 12-20 year old crowd, or should have been a CW network TV show. It was full of overused tropes and the way side characters all died off was like watching horror movie where everyone gets killed really easily while the hero can miraculously survive. And lastly there where many similarities in this book to the first book of the Mistborn Series, only the Mistborn book was, way, way better.

    Now given that this was the authors first book I will give him some slack and say that the battle scenes where well done and the way magic was used was cool, if not fully explained with rules applied to it. I will check out the next book to see if the writing improves (which I heard it does, but from what I heard this was one of the best books ever written too, so what I heard my also be false) and the overall plot does get your interest, the machinations of foreign powers taking over.

    For people who have not read The Broken Sword by Paul Anderson, The Black Company, Fritz Leiber, The Chronicles of Amber or the Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon, I recommend all those over this. And if you want a long read, then Game of Thrones and Wheels of Time are both better as well. Unless you are in your late teens or early 20's, then you will probably love this story"

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    RE: RE:
    By: Anonymous
    2014-03-26 07:06:06

    i tip my fedora to thee sir

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    By: Anonymous
    2014-07-08 04:06:40

    It is soooo naive... Well beyond even funny. Too flat, way too shallow, so predictable and childish... Well.. I was recommended this as a decent read after George Martin... Comparing the Sun and a match, imo...

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    RE: RE:
    By: Anonymous
    2014-07-16 06:26:26

    i tottaly agree

    RE: RE:
    By: Anonymous
    2014-07-21 01:57:46

    Sure it's not R.R Martin complex, but still quite deep and emotional in it own rights just like assasin's apprentice by Robin Hobb. It's a well made page turner. Your review would better match authors like, Simon R green, Gemmel or Eddings imo.

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