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The Prince Of Nothing


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Strikingly original in its conception, ambitious in scope, with characters engrossingly and vividly drawn, the first book in R. Scott Bakker's Prince of Nothing series creates a remarkable world from whole cloth—it's language and classes of people, its cities, religions, mysteries, taboos, and rit...

  • Author: R. Scott Bakker
  • Publish Date: 2008-09-02
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    Reviews/Comments On The Prince Of Nothing

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    By: Bill S.
    2015-10-04 01:28:22

    As this was one of my first forays into the fantasy genre beyond Dungeons and Dragons Dragonlance novels I read as a youth, I was blown away. The mature writing, philosophy, themes, violence and power of this trilogy was a welcome shock and provided a newfound appreciation and desire to begin reading again for enjoyment. Thank you R. Scott Bakker!

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    By: Anonymous
    2015-10-27 02:24:56

    philosophy... id rather read a fantasy book, who want to read someone"s ideology for entertainment!

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    By: Anonymous
    2015-11-24 08:40:59

    I had very mixed feelings about this series. Things I loved: his writing style, the way magic worked, the world-building. Things I did not like: a great many of the characters were hard to like -- not in the 'gray characters' sense... they almost all just came across as unlikeable people, with only one notable exception. The other thing is that I thought the first 2.5 books were outstanding, only to crash and burn at the end. It's not the way that the story itself ended that upset me (you can figure out where it's heading by early in book 3). What bugged me is that after the travel-tale pacing of most of the series, the ending felt horribly rushed, cluttered, and sloppy. And there was no reason for it -- there was plenty of space within both page and story to work with to create a better flow. It almost felt like the last half of book 3 was just slopped together in a hurry with minimal editing, to get it to the publisher on time or something. Ultimately, it left a bad taste in my mouth, and I was kind of disappointed to have spent so much time on it, only to be so let down at the finish.

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