The Shadow Axe Trilogy

by Brett Restall

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Book 353 of 445 in the Best Fantasy Books
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An awe inspiring saga by a grand master of imagination and pace. This is a thrilling, page turning pheno¬menon that grips from the first page and hypnotically carries the readers´ imagination on a raging river ride of unexpected adventure.

Joaquin Burchmore, a young Shadow warrior, is thrown into a world of uncertainty as he races to find his grandfather's extraordinary axe. An axe which has been passed from generation to generation for a thousand years. With the help of his four close friends, Ruppin, Trenth, Donvin and Fagal, who only wants true adventure, they descend into the foreboding Underworld where their search leads them on the adventure of a lifetime. However, little do any of them know that the greatest threat their small planet of Quanasses has ever faced, is bearing down on them from across the vast distance of space in search of something very, very special. Will they find the axe in time before it falls into the wrong hands and reveal its true purpose? Or will they watch helplessly as their planet heads towards total destruction?

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