The Soulshard Chronicles

by Luke Manly

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Imalion is on the run, driven by fear and sorrow, exiled by usurpers who have branded him a traitor to the throne. His family is dead; he is forced to etch out a living in any way he can. A Famari girl named Eliana sacrifices her freedom for his sake, and Meramon, an exiled lord, joins them to help Imalion reclaim his life.

On his journey, Imalion stumbles upon the charred ruins of the Myklamir capital, witnesses raids of savage Sharaglin as they attack the kingdoms, and narrowly escapes shadowy lurkers that have begun to prowl unprotected towns at night. But an even larger threat has risen to smite the land of Rylacia.

Imalion watches as, in spite of the impending danger, a usurper on the Brucian throne tears the kingdoms apart with his fragmented rule. Imalion can save the kingdom. He is able, but is he ready?

Imalion's Tale is Luke Manly's debut novel, and was written out of his longstanding love of fantasy. Its unique layout was a challenge that he hurdled while arguing with himself about different ways of approaching character's stories, and when asked why he chose this method, Luke explains that while he never predicted writing the whole story this way, he found that it was a perfect fit for Imalion's story and provided a unique window into Imalion's world.

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Jem Stone | 2014-12-05 12:56:34
I've always loved fantasy books, and this book did not disappoint. The writing is superb, and makes me want to live in a time such as described, the emotions I've had while reading this book are many, and if ever more were written for this, I would read it. A new world, a new way of things being done. Different writing style - diary format. I greatly enjoyed reading this as it was being written, must read again some time soon.
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