The Steel Remains

by Richard K. Morgan

5 avg rating
Book 10 of 25 in the Best Gritty Fantasy Books
88 votes 6 comments
A dark lord will rise. Such is the prophecy that dogs Ringil Eskiath

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Stu Napier | 2013-09-11 12:53:41
Absolutely blew me away. Amazing first two book and I'm literally suffering every day passes without the 3rd being released!
Anonymous | 2014-03-24 06:39:19
Do we really need any more gay filth? I don't want to read about sick perverted gay queers.
Anonymous | 2015-10-27 02:21:27
im not into gay (or any LGTBZXY...for that matter)men so i wont be reading this, to bad.
Anonymous | 2015-12-23 07:17:31
Lol at the retards saying they wont read this cose it has gay stuff in it, no one cares you are a waste of space DIAF :)
Anonymous | 2016-01-29 02:01:53
Why couldnt there be lesbians. I hate gay guys, that is digusting. But lesbians... whole different story!
Anonymous | 2016-10-17 04:23:57
Duck man this series is one if the best grimdar books I have ever experienced. I actually had to put the book down and take a break several times. 10/10
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