The Stone Road

by G R Matthews

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Book 10 of 36 in the Best Asian Fantasy Books
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Everyone knows a family who lost a son to the war. It has to end. But on both sides of the conflict, there are those who value revenge more highly than peace.

Zhou of Wubei is assigned to negotiate the peace. At last, the recognition he so richly deserves will be his. There are obstacles in the way and the offer of an end to thirty years of war may not be as genuine as it first seemed.

Haung, a soldier of Yaart, is trained to be a Jiin-Wei; a spy, warrior, magician. His orders are clear. Ensure the diplomats of Wubei sign the treaty and, by doing so, seal their own destruction. War presents the chance for honour and glory, but the reality is nothing like the stories he's been told.

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