The Unsuspecting Mage

by Brian S. Pratt

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Book 21 of 34 in the Crossworlds Fantasy Books
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Little did James realize when he answered the ad in the paper that he would be thrust into the middle of an adventure that will test the limits of his intelligence and courage. Not given any sort of explanation why he has been brought to this world, James, a high school senior, must discover the reason. He quickly realizes that he's able to use the knowledge he gained through the hundreds of books he's read, as well as the time spent in role playing games to help him along. The world he's been brought to is one on the edge of war and only by learning to control the magic within himself will he be able to survive the trials ahead. With the help of a boy named Miko, he sets out across this strange world to discover why he's there and what he must do.

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