Truth Series

by Dawn Cook

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Book 22 of 58 in the Best Romantic Fantasy Books
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View our feature on Dawn Cook’s First Truth.

Before she wrote as New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison, Dawn Cook wrote the Truth...

This is the first novel of Dawn Cook's extraordinary coming-of-age fantasy featuring Alissa, a young novice in the art of magic, who embarks on an epic journey of discovery and danger.

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Anonymous | 2015-11-06 05:46:04
The author, Terry Goodkind, is MALE. I've read all HIS books, and they are fantastic. Currently reading through the series again, anxiously awaiting the debut of his new book!
Nafi | 2016-04-15 05:35:01
How can you think Terry Goodman is a woman? The books below aren't from this author either. I seriously begin to doubt your proffesionality. But nontheless the Sword of truth is the beginning of a breathtaking epic fantasy world.
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