Twilight Mist Series The Arrival

by Robert Peek

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Book 25 of 29 in the Paranormal Fantasy
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WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? The Arrival (Volume One) introduces the Twilight Mist Series. Evil rains down on Midville, a quaint little town located between here and there. The transformation of the people of Midville, due to the Mist entering them, will chill your bones. Innocence is stolen from your soul, spirit, and strength, as you enter the lives of Midville's population. Darkened days present ever so many obstacles for Midville, there seems to be no hope! The Mist coils up like an attacking King Cobra. Hissing its way down, demonic talents tear the air. Positioning it to enter the tiniest portal available, the Mist waits. The Mist descends upon the Jones' residence. Stronger in power by the increase of demonic doings by the people of Midville, the Mist covers their entire area like a tight fitted glove. Glistening granules of evil vapor dwelled well in the air. Strategically dispersed portions of evil surrounds their home, creeping in like an unwanted guest, it seeps into the ventilation system and slithers like the serpent it represents. Flowing floor to floor, door to door, room to room proliferating its lethal spiritual continuation; The Mist observes the constant river of party people flooding the Jones' pool area within the decorated quarter acre back yard. Perhaps you have had a similar experience within your own world?

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