Walls Of Knevermoore

by Grigor T Weeks

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Book 35 of 44 in the Heroic Fantasy Books
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The king of Vitoria is dead, leaving only a squabbling council of noblemen to rule. Now, the vicious Zhedian horde gathers, an uncountable swarm of warriors and Hell-spawned creatures of nightmare. Under the rule of the cruel King Mortegrim, the dark hosts march on Vitoria’s stronghold city of Knevermoore. For Gedrick, past his prime and days of valor, the coming war brings summons from Lord Rendell of Knevermoore, brother of his dead wife and no friend of the aging warrior. Gedrick thought his battles finished, but now the bloody horn is sounding once more. He cannot ignore the call. He is Gedrick, the Soulcutter, champion of Vitoria, wielder of the demon spear. One last time, the Dark Spearman marches to war.

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Anonymous | 2017-02-22 01:49:07
This is worth a read. New author- but couldn't put this down. Hard to find solid heroic fantasy without the heavy romance or over-the-top magic element. Very connectable characters - was sorry to see most die- spoiler alert!
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