Wrath Of The Usurper

by Kal Spriggs

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Book 39 of 52 in the Best Grimdark Fantasy Books
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Civilization is dying.

The lands of the Five Duchies are in chaos. They are leaderless and each land stands alone. Besieged by barbarians, savages, fell beasts, and infighting, few doubt that the end times are upon them.

Yet all is not lost. In the East, Lady Katarina Emberhill has begun an uprising against the Usurper and those who follow her carry relics from the time of the High Kings. In Boir, Lord Admiral Christoffer Tarken forges alliances and defends his lands. And in the Eastwood, powers that have been silent for eons are stirring and turning their eyes to the outside world.

But the key is the Usurper Duke, a man drawn to savagery and battle. His victories in his personal war against the Armen have swelled the ranks of his army. Who will draw the wrath of the Usurper: will he turn it against his own rebellious people or levy his forces against the threats to all civilized men?

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Jessica | 2016-03-02 10:59:15
This book continues with the events of the first in the series. I really love the strong female characters, many of whom have personalities that allow them to succeed even if they lack physical power. There are women warriors, diplomats, leaders, and magicians... without making the men in the novel seem weak or pathetic. Strong characters all around, wonderful story, gradually building into quite the fantasy epic. I cannot wait to read the third book!
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