battlefield earth

by L. Ron Hubbard

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Book 6 of 121 in the Worst Fantasy Books Ever
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Suspense, politics, war, humor and intergalactic finance. A towering masterwork of science fiction adventure and one of the best-selling science fiction novels of all time, L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth opens with breathtaking scope on an Earth dominated for 1,000 years by an alien invader and man is an endangered species. From the handful of surviving humans a courageous leader emerges Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, who challenges the invincible might of the alien Psychlo empire in a battle of epic scale, danger and intrigue with the fate of the Earth and of the universe in the tenuous balance. "Tight plotting, furious action and have at'em entertainment."— Kirkus Review


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Anonymous | 2013-12-18 12:32:13
This is my favorite book, i have read a great deal as well. The book is one of the few that encompass the whole journey, beginning to end and does it well imo. I haven't read any of his other work and don't plan to. I do have some sentimental attachment though, granddad gave it to me before he passed saying it was his favorite book as well. :)
Toblakai | 2014-10-01 12:46:13
After reading your review I feel like you did nothing more than watch the horrible film version of this. This was a very fun read.
Bruce B | 2015-02-16 01:14:08
When I was an avid reading teen, I loved this book. Read it twice. I suspect it belongs in the category of good when your young. For the most part your bang on with your reviews.
Anonymous | 2015-11-24 08:58:30
I loved it personally! Just simply a great sci-fi story well worth reading! The end is not what I thought.
objective reviewer | 2015-11-27 07:45:34
This is a review of the movie right? The book is great. Sure the main characters is back stabbing asshole. How can you not love Terl. I read it as a hard working underpaid security officer hatches an enterprising little side business ,that will help with retirement and teach stupid man animals a useful skill. In the end they betray him and commit genocide on a race who's only crime was being a little bit more motivated and committed to being great. Ultimately this book is criticism of human nature. If you haven't read this book shame on you. If you have read it, you need to read it again.
Anonymous | 2016-04-25 08:14:46
Completely agree. Probably the worst sci-fi book I have ever had the misfortune to bludgeon my way through. I don't know what I was thinking subjecting myself to all 1000 pgs of excrement. 2D characters, infantile plot, and terrible writing.
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