by christopher paolini

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Fifteen-year-old Eragon believes that he is merely a poor farm boy—until his destiny as a Dragon Rider is revealed. Gifted with only an ancient sword, a loyal dragon, and sage advice from an old storyteller, Eragon is soon swept into a dangerous tapestry of magic, glory, and power. Now his choices could save—or destroy—the Empire.

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Anonymous | 2012-11-29 08:26:50
Derivative drivel that adds no originality or innovation to the fantasy genre. At best a Star Wars ripoff at worst a wet dream of a teenager with a dragon fetish.
Garbage | 2013-01-21 03:29:44
100% ripped off, the entire story was stolen from star wars. Just about the worst prose i have ever seen.
Anonymous | 2013-07-09 03:10:20
Anonymous | 2013-07-26 04:58:48
I honestly loved these books. Although now after having read all of the best fantasy books out there, I look back and realize they were a little childish, however these are written for teens who have little to none experience in the fantasy genre. They are meant to spark an interest in fantasy to the virgins of this epic genre. It certainly worked for me! Thanks to the eragon series, I was inspired to read more and more fantasy. At this point I have lost track of all the series I have read. A song of ice and fire, malazans, sword of truth, wheel of time, LOTR... etc. I have read every book in those series and more thanks to eragon sparking my interest in fantasy. Thanks a lot paulini!
Anonymous | 2013-09-25 03:24:51
I don't understand the people who openly bad-mouth Eragon. Did you read the whole series? no. i thought so, just because you have gone ahead and read the first couple of pages doesn't give you the audacity to judge and critic it. And besides Eragon was a series aimed at the teen section, so who are you to complain when you weren't even the targeted audience? my point exactly. All in all, Eragon is an amazing novel/series which i would recommend to anyone and anything.
Anonymous | 2013-09-27 01:29:26
While I love the star wars last hope analogy your missing the Lord of the Rings ending
Anonymous | 2013-09-29 01:06:15
This is like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings combined.
Luminara | 2013-11-21 01:51:49
Excuse me but Eragon is not terrible!!!!!!
Anonymous | 2013-12-11 09:58:39
I wouldn't say the books are terrible. They're not incredible but they're highly readable; I've certainly read worse books. I feel that a lot of people, not all, are just judging these books by the cover. I thought they would be God awful considering the two main protagonist's names... (Eragon and Saphira? Wow I wonder what colour she might be...) However, they grow in stature as the series goes on - somewhat similar I guess to the Harry Potter series and ultimately lead you to a satisfying conclusion. But yeah, complete rip off of other stalwarts across the fantasy genre.
Anonymous | 2014-04-02 09:17:11
Has nobody really noticed that the first few chapters in Eragon are almost copy-paste from The Eye of the World ? The only difference being the death of Eragon's adoptive father whereas Tam survived. The series had a few good moments but most of the rest was shit, with the ending makin me say WTF??????
Anonymous | 2014-05-14 08:36:10
I've been "reading" the last book for 6 months. That's how bad it is... must finish.
Anonymous | 2014-05-20 10:58:59
I tried to read Eragon not that long ago, but I couldn't even get past the damn prologue. The first sentence was awful for Christ's sake! How does wind specifically carry a world changing scent? What does that even mean?! Oh yeah, and here's Pasolini's idea of a language: " Garjzla! " " Istalri boetk! " Also too many -ly adverbs. I don't care if he was 15 or 17 or whatever. He has no real talent. I mean, Paolini is better than Stanek, but that isn't saying much. Very unoriginal too. I know whoever is reading this has heard these complaints time and time again, but still, Dragon sucks.
Anonymous | 2014-11-28 03:13:32
Well.. actually i loved the whole Inheritance Cycle. Its really good and even though you can find some resembles with other books, it has a unique history and ideas. The whole dragons riders is an awesome storytale.
Anonymous | 2015-06-17 05:33:23
DAMNIT. That is what I say. The uber-cliche plot of the first three is ripped off from Star Wars, LOTR, and a cheap army training film from 1250 AD. The first 2 and a half books were Eragon walking and training, but not flying on his retard dragon because screw dragons. The last book had a couple of interesting battles, but that does not redeem it. At all. For you people who think that Eragon and its sequels are the end-all of fantasy, I say this: Read A Song of Ice and Fire. Read The Axe and the Throne. Read The Northern Crusade. I could go on if you like. I liked Eragon when I was like 11. I am 22 now and I am trying to write my own book (the only problem with it is that I have not started it yet) and this book deserved to be burned in the factory. It is a boring mess of stereotypes, somehow having a character who is, alternately, a feminist ideal and a helpless maiden waiting for her lord love to come and "save" her. My rating is precisely -5 stars. Thank you, and PS, the end is copied pretty much word-for-word from LOTR (replace Eragon with Frodo and Arya with Sam). Goodbye.
Anonymous | 2015-06-22 05:21:41
Yeah, it's cliché. But despite what you might say, he is an incredibly good writer for his age. It's not incredible, groundbreaking literature, but it's entertaining. Or he isn't, and me and all my friends just suck. On Eye of Argon levels.
Anonymous | 2016-05-23 06:46:59
Ending arc is disappointing. There are a lot of cliche in setting and plot. It's not the most original thing ever. However, the series definitely didn't belong in the worst fantasy section... the blogger is pretty subjective this time what with some of the other best-selling fictions and all.
Anonymous | 2016-06-21 09:18:20
When I was ten I started reading Eragon - and I very much enjoyed it. Even started crying in the classroom because of it (a highly embarrassing memory). It was a first taste of what fantasy could be, and ten-year-old me loved that taste. At 12/13 I read the other three books, since I didn't have anything to do and I'd been given them as a christmas gift. And I enjoyed those too. I've now at 16 even re-read the second book three or four times. I think it should be admitted that what started out an original idea (the dragon riders) turned out to be quite cliché and Tolkien-esque. But I also think it's a fun read, and shouldn't be hated as much as it is. It isn't supposed to have some inner philosophy, so one shouldn't search for it. I think it should be added that I didn't read these in English, but rather the Swedish translations, and so I missed out on the terrible language you all seem to hate so. Good for me.
Anonymous | 2016-07-16 11:40:52
Only saving grace to this book was that it was written by a teenager. That in mind, you can forgive some of the flaws. This is one of the books on my "Did not finish" list.
Anonymous | 2016-08-31 11:47:46
I first read this series back when I was, what? Eight? Nine or ten, probably. Anyways, as a nineteen-year-old today, I can barely even remember the damn thing. I just remember being severely disappointed in the movie to the point of wanting to trash the disc in the most violent manner my brain could come up with. I do remember a farm boy happening upon a large blue egg in a dark forest, a lady (who, in my mind, looked a lot like Esmeralda [Hunchback of Notre Dame] in fancy red clothing with elf ears, don't know how accurate that mental image is) who is likely the damsel character, and a character (I think it was Eragon, actually) who threatened a guard to drop a glowing red speck of dust down his throat that would cause immense pain for twenty years? Again, it's been at least a decade. I can't remember much of anything clearly. I do remember that I really liked the story, though it was mostly because I was in a dragon-loving phase at that age. Now that I've seen the title again, well... Okay. I can't be the only one really annoyed that the title is literally dragon with an "E" instead of a "D". I did read a couple of paragraphs of it lately, and let me say, I do not have the courage to go any further. No thank you, putting this book down. Perhaps it's admirable that a 15-year-old A) wrote this book and it was good enough for lots of people to like it, B) Wrote SO MUCH, I mean, LOOK AT THAT WORDCOUNT. It usually takes a lot to get a kid in his mid-teens to sit down and write a page, let alone 160k words. Still though, the only reason I would pick the book up again would be for nostalgia and griping. Not "gripping", but "griping", as in "look at how not-as-good-as-I-thought-it-was this book is". Thing is, IN SPITE OF ALL OF THIS, I don't think this should be in a "worst fantasy book" list. Sure, it's cliché, the characters win and lose based on convenience to the plot rather than power and skill, it's basically a fantasy rip-off of Star Wars, and it's obvious the characters and, well, EVERYTHING was written by someone with little experience with character development, plot progression, and making things or people believable or relatable, but it wasn't THAT bad. Yes, in spite of all of this. There are obviously books out there that are far more terrible. Honestly, I'm thinking that Eragon should be at the bottom of the Worst Fantasy Books list. Then again, I haven't read it in a decade. Maybe if I take another crack at it and read it all the way through I will hate it more. *shrug* Basically, I wouldn't recommend it. At the same time, I wouldn't tell someone that THEIR LIFE DEPENDS UPON NOT READING IT! DON'T DO IT! THE ABYSS SHALL TAKE YOUR SOUL!!! They'll probably be disappointed if they do, though. In which case I'll say, "Well, what did you expect? You're reading something written by a fifteen-year-old boy, darling."
Anonymous | 2016-11-24 12:41:11
While I agree that it is a bad book, I enjoyed reading it and admire what the author did. He wrote the fantasy book I wish I had written when I was 14 right after reading LOTR. If you make it to the final book, you can see that he has improved. I think he has the potential to be an excellent fantasy author one day.
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