legends of the dragonrealm

by Richard A. Knaak

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Return to the magical lands of Richard A. Knaak’s epic Legends of the Dragonrealm saga in this stunning omnibus featuring two grand novels . . . DRAGON TOME Surviving a perilous journey, explorer Wellen Bedlam arrives on the shores of a fabled land of dragons. Such leviathans, though, prove neither the most astonishing nor dangerous aspect of this new world, for hidden within the land called Dragonrealm is an ancient citadel whose master carries a book in which have been written spells capable of giving anyone mastery over all. Now Wellen finds himself the unwitting participant in a struggle between the book's master, the wizards known as the Lords of the Dead, and a monstrous Dragon King, all of whom see the explorer as the perfect yet expendable pawn... THE HORSE KING Freed of the rule of the Dragon Kings, Lanith, warlord of Zuu, has launched a mad war of conquest. Cabe Bedlam and his friends prepare to join battle against him, only too late discovering that their true foe is a creature from beyond, a sadistic manipulator who desires to see the entire realm torn asunder. When Cabe's son, Aurim, becomes the monster's most powerful slave, it seems that there is no hope...unless the shadowy Darkhorse can overcome his fear and fight beside an enigmatic sorceress whose very existence should not be. . . . and three novellas – Dragon Master, A Wolf in the Fold, and A Game of Ghosts – in print for the first time!

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