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The Guardians Of The Flame


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Professor Deighton smiled from around the stem of his pipe. ''You have a vague, unexplainable feeling that what you are looking for is something called the Gate Between Worlds.''

''... although we all share a vague susp...

  • Author: joel rosenberg
  • Publish Date: 2003-02-01
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    By: Chris L
    2016-05-19 01:47:01

    Your review is dead on.

    I read the first one when I was about 13. At the time, I thought The Belgariad was pretty good stuff, which goes to show that my tastes had not evolved beyond primeval ooze. But even I, at that tender age, thought this was horrendously bad. I remember seriously considering not finishing it, which I had never, ever done with a fantasy book before. In the end, I did finish it -- and I still regret it. I wouldn't touch the sequels unless someone paid me a fair chunk of change.

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    By: Anonymous
    2016-09-06 06:06:45

    I happen to like Rosenberg's dialogue and characters. It's fantasy, so the idea of college kids wandering into their own game shouldn't come as a shock or become a turnoff, and they get a significant welcome to the new world when one of the characters winds up bleeding out at the end of a spear in the first town they find.

    Is it epic fantasy? No. But it has held up after years of reading and Rosenberg's decision to kill off his main character is admirable.

    As for Joel tweaking the comments, I would be extremely impressed given that he's dead.

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