the jackal of nar

by John Marco

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A nation's fate rests one one man's struggle between loyalty and desire.

His enemies call Prince Richius "the Jackal," but he is merely a reluctant warrior for the Emperor in the fight for the strife-ridden borderland of Lucel-Lor.  And though the empire's war machines are deadly, when the leader of a fanatical sect sweeps the battlefield with potent magic, Richius's forces are routed. He returns home defeated—but the Emperor will not accept the loss. Soon Richius is given one last chance to pit the empire's science against the enemy's devastating magic, and this time he fights for more than a ruler's mad whim. This time Richius has his own obsessive quest—and where he hesitated to go for an emperor's greed, for love he will plunge headlong into the grasp of the deadliest enemy he has ever encountered. . . .

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Brian | 2012-11-15 09:12:43
I loved this book (and the whole trilogy) and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for some great military fantasy which feels like nothing else out there. John Marco provides us with an interesting world filled with power struggles of every level: Empire, Race, Individual, Technology, and more!
Vinny | 2013-09-03 04:55:27
Marco is one of the Best unknown authors out there. Read both his series and you will very happy.
Michel | 2017-09-14 04:05:11
Hello, First, please indulge my English writing as I am French. I often follow the recommendation of best fantasy books and have never been disappointed till the riding of Tyrants and Kings trilogy. Mostly, for a Military fantasy, the military aspect is at best incoherent at worst laughable. Huge countries / territories, slave based economy, but the populations are small and armies between 25 and 1200 strong. Same for the navy, around 12 ships max. The technology is also incoherent as well. Nonetheless the trilogy is saved by Biaggo, who start as “the vilain" and then slowly shift to become the good guy. He is complex and interesting. The same is true for a lot of secondary characters but unfortunately not the hero Richius who is a "dummy" as he seems to never anticipate nor foresee the consequences of his actions / decisions. At the end, finishing the first volume took me time, the second was better and the third was good (always apart the military aspect). At the end, I would suggest not classifying this book in the military section, but elsewhere as it main strength stands more in the secondary character evolution than in the pure military aspect. Cheers.
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