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Kaladin's Top 10 series

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The most touching, exciting, "intelligent" and story driven fantasy series I've ever read. With a focus on "coming-to-age" books containing (a) clear ... more

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kaladin ORIGINAL LIST (#1 Pick: The Kingkiller Chronicles | 11 Items)

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By: kaladin
2014-07-11 10:01:40

Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan missing every target where Blood Song nailed them true now dropped from #2 to #7. Harry Potter added to the list, and dropping Demon Cycle by Peter w Brett following 2 bad sequels to his first promising book!

By: Anonymous
2014-06-07 03:26:47

It was not bad at all, but for me it didn't cling right. Compared to book 1, I felt like the book was written in a different style from a different perspective. It felt like I didn't connect to the characters as I did in the first book. The book overall felt more "simple", "non-original" and "forced". Also, I think Sanderson failed abit trying to create the moral dilemma for Kaladin, it wasn't believable. Lastly, the ending was Very rushed and very confusing.

By: Anonymous
2014-05-21 07:44:23

why were you disappointed with words of radiance? Personally I thought it was awesome!

By: kaladin
2014-05-15 01:08:40

Words of Radiance being a huge dissapointment I've dropped the stormlight archieve from #1 to #3.

By: kaladin
2013-04-01 12:35:11

I hope that you will find The kingkiller chronicles satisfying! Truth be told, it was very hard to decide if Rothfuss or Sanderson would be #1! Make an list yourself, and perhaps I'll get some new tips on to be-read-list ;D

By: Anonymous
2013-03-31 02:12:08

This is a great list!
I have read about half the books here, and I wholeheartedly approve of your taste!
You have inspired me to start reading The Kingkiller Chronicles.
I'll say, the thing that caught my eye and had me click on this list was the name. Brandon Sanderson all the way!

By: Anonymous
2012-10-09 12:00:35

I like this list! You're description of your list overall is spot on and i can see why you made the decisions you made.
Great job!

By: Kaladin
2012-10-09 02:27:19

Thank you, I appreciate your feedback! I made this list because I think there is a lot of people perhaps not as interested in "grey fantasy" or literary fantasy such as Tolkien, martin, erikson, abercrombie or cook.