Best Stand Alone Fantasy Books

The publicly ranked version of the

The Best Fantasy Books You've Never Read

The publicly ranked version of's Best Fantasy Books You've Never Read ('ve-never-read.html). This is a list of awesome fantasy books that for some reason are not as well known as they should be; that is, fantasy books that are under appreciated. Vote on the entries or submit your own suggestions for under-appreciated fantasy books

Best Fantasy Books for Women

The Crowd Ranked version of the Best Fantasy Books for Women list.

Best Fantasy Books for Children

The Crowd Ranked version of's "Best Fantasy Books for Children" list. This list gives the best reads for children under 12. Many of these books are timeless classics and will appeal to all ages with something for age level. Vote on the books to influence and/or submit your own best children's fantasy book recommendations to the list to share them with the public.

Kaladin's Top 10 series

The most touching, exciting, "intelligent" and story driven fantasy series I've ever read. With a focus on "coming-to-age" books containing (a) clear protagonists that can easily be sympathized with

Most Anticipated Fantasy Books of 2013

Vote (and add to the list) on your most anticipated fantasy books released in 2013.This list ties in with our blog post:

Best Fantasy Books Since 2010

This is the crowd-ranked version of The Top 25 Best Fantasy Books Since 2010 that's on the main site. The idea behind this list is to give readers a list of the best of the best of recently published fantasy. There are no old classics on this list, just fantasy (and ONLY fantasy, not science fiction) that's been published in BOOK form since January 2010. RULES Vote on these entries or if you have VALID entries, add them to the list at the bottom to be considered. *Clearly Promoted Self-Published works will be removed *Books published before 2010 will be removed

Best Fantasy Books of 2014

These are our picks for the best fantasy books published in 2014. Books published before and after 2014 won't be included and will be removed if added. *Books Published in 2014 only

Top 100 Fantasy Books

This is the crowd powered version of the Top 100 Fantasy Books list found over on the main site. These books start at 26 and end at 100, with the first 25 books found on the top 25 list. I'm going to keep it at 26 so the rankings match the same as the source list.

Best Non-English Fantasy Books

The crowd version our Best Non English Fantasy Book list. This list gives our best picks for the top foreign fantasy novels translated into English. That is, fantasy written in another (non-English) language, then translated into English. We are NOT listing foreign fantasy that has NOT yet been translated

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