Best Epic Fantasy Books

The publicly ranked version of

Best Military Fantasy Books

The crowd ranked version of's official Best Military Fantasy Books ( list (of books and series) gives the best military fantasy books in the genre. Military fantasy is fantasy subgenre that follows the trials and tribulations of an army or soldiers in an army. The key component is that book heavily features army life as part of the story rather than just a side bit. Examples of military fantasy would be Glen Cook's The Black Company.

Best of the Tolkien Clones

The crowed-ranked version of the official's Best of the Tolkien Clones list. The list recommends the best works that draw heavily from Tolkien's influences. The stories often incorporate similar elements to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings -- a dark lord that threatens the world at large, a callow hero with a destiny to save the world from said dark lord moving from the obscurity of the wilderness into prominence, sophistication, and importance to the greater world, many kingdoms and cultures and peoples populating the world, etc.

The Fantastic Top Ten

One man's opinion (that counts for a heck of a lot!)

Kaladin's Top 10 series

The most touching, exciting, "intelligent" and story driven fantasy series I've ever read. With a focus on "coming-to-age" books containing (a) clear protagonists that can easily be sympathized with

High Fantasy Books

A publicly ranked list of the HIGH/EPIC fantasy books. High Fantasy (also called EPIC FANTASY) is a sub-genre of fantasy that most fantasy readers call "home." Typically there is magic, heroes, lords, and villains and often an epic quest to defeat some world-ending evil. There are of course variations on the theme, but a quest (to defeat some power, find a hero, discover some magical artifact) plays an important role. A very close subgenre would be QUEST FANTASY, which is more of a descriptive subgenre than actual genre, but ties in with High Fantasy.

High Historical Fantasy Books

High/epic fantasy in a historical setting. The difference between High fantasy and High Epic fantasy is that the setting is something real and historical or at least based on something from history. The difference between Historical and Historical High Fantasy is that there is strong world building and the inclusion of epic heroism and the like.

Epic Fantasy

Books that are considered epic fantasy ONLY.

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