Best Stand Alone Fantasy Books

The publicly ranked version of the

Best Fantasy Series

The publicly ranked version of the Best Fantasy Series list. The best fantasy series ever as ranked by the public. You can vote on the entries and/or add a new entry to the list.

Best Military Fantasy Books

The crowd ranked version of's official Best Military Fantasy Books ( list (of books and series) gives the best military fantasy books in the genre. Military fantasy is fantasy subgenre that follows the trials and tribulations of an army or soldiers in an army. The key component is that book heavily features army life as part of the story rather than just a side bit. Examples of military fantasy would be Glen Cook's The Black Company.

Best characterization in fantasy

This is a public list aimed to vote the best made characters in fantasy litterature. Please add missing main characters! Focus on: - Depth of the character - Character development - Character emotions - Character expression - Does the character feel "realistic" (not real world realistic) - Character creativity - The feeling of "I love to read about this one!" - Personality somehow affected you strongly!

Top 10 Fantasy Series

My personal top ten fantasy series.

Series Fantasy Books

A publicly ranked list of series fantasy books. Series fantasy is different than a series taht's a simple trilogy or saga. Rather, Series Fantasy is often a shared world story where multiple authors contribute to the greater story as a whole over many years. Or the story may be authored by a single author but may continue for decades in a long multi-book saga

Bestselling Fantasy Series, EVER

The Bestselling fantasy series ever written