Best Vampire Books

The public Best Vampire Books list.This list contains the list of the best vampire books out there, with the entries ranked by the will of the fantasy community.

Best Fantasy Series

The publicly ranked version of the Best Fantasy Series list. The best fantasy series ever as ranked by the public. You can vote on the entries and/or add a new entry to the list.

Best Epic Fantasy Books

The publicly ranked version of

The Fantastic Top Ten

One man's opinion (that counts for a heck of a lot!)

Kaladin's Top 10 series

The most touching, exciting, "intelligent" and story driven fantasy series I've ever read. With a focus on "coming-to-age" books containing (a) clear protagonists that can easily be sympathized with

Best characterization in fantasy

This is a public list aimed to vote the best made characters in fantasy litterature. Please add missing main characters! Focus on: - Depth of the character - Character development - Character emotions - Character expression - Does the character feel "realistic" (not real world realistic) - Character creativity - The feeling of "I love to read about this one!" - Personality somehow affected you strongly!

Top 10 Fantasy Series

My personal top ten fantasy series.

Moi Top 10 Fantasy Candy Reads

Voila! Check out this list of fantasy lit AKA my own personal sugar-dusted mind candy. Most are available as Kindle books (Hooray digital format). These books are childish girly YA sci-fi fantasy cross-over reads that sparkle, glitter and are just a bit sugar-coated and sweet (love candy lit). Happy reading ~*

Most Anticipated Fantasy Books of 2013

Vote (and add to the list) on your most anticipated fantasy books released in 2013.This list ties in with our blog post:

Best Fantasy Books Since 2010

This is the crowd-ranked version of The Top 25 Best Fantasy Books Since 2010 that's on the main site. The idea behind this list is to give readers a list of the best of the best of recently published fantasy. There are no old classics on this list, just fantasy (and ONLY fantasy, not science fiction) that's been published in BOOK form since January 2010. RULES Vote on these entries or if you have VALID entries, add them to the list at the bottom to be considered. *Clearly Promoted Self-Published works will be removed *Books published before 2010 will be removed

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