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Vampire Books for Adults

Books with Vampires that are decidedly for...adults

There‚Äôs a ton of vampire books currently on the market, but many of them are for Young Adults (even if quite a few, ahem, older women read them too). 

If you are tired of all that teen angst and want real vampire novels for adults where people act like adults (as opposed to whiny teenagers) here are some recommendations for some vampire series for adults, and some vampire stand alone novels for adults, and even some funny vampire books for adults.

Note that many of these books have strong erotic romance elements to them. If you want a general best books with vampires, see the link. Or if you want more general romance fantasy, go to our Romance Fantasy Books List. For even MORE, look at our sister site which has plenty of romance novel recommendations.


The Dresden Files

(Jim Butcher)
(Dresden Files)

While these are not strictly “vampire novels” (the main character is a wizard), vampires play important roles throughout the series, both as a force of evil and good. These books are wildly entertaining and the series keeps on getting better and better. The series blends, to perfection, hardboiled detective fiction and supernatural fantasy. These books also made the Top 25 Best Fantasy Books.

Books in Dresden Files Series (18)

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For a racy adult vampire series, Anita Blake takes the cake. The novel's sort of a cross between mystery and romance, though as this humongous series progresses dwells more in more in the bodice-ripper romance category. There is a cult following of women who love this series and for those who are turned on by vampire lovin’, this book is about as racy as you’re going to find in a bookstore.

Books in Anita Blake, Vam... Series (24)

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The Southern Vampire Series

(Shelley Stringer)

(The Southern)

These are probably the best vampire romance novels currently on the market. There’s a nice balance between romance and plot in this series. Relationships are more mature than in Twilight and the characters are more realistic. The True Blood TV show is based on the Sookie Stack novels.

Books in The Southern Series (3)

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With a Martin-esque plot and Jim Butcher pace, The Axe and the Throne is a definite "must read" for even the pickiest fantasy fans.

In his stunning debut, Ireman has built the type of world so vivid and engrossing that leaving it at the end is agony. In spite of leaning toward grimdark, where authors often enshroud every scene in depressing darkness, there is no lack of cheerful moments or brilliant scenery. Yet the pangs of near-instant nostalgia that come after you put down a book like this have less to do with the inspired setting, and far more to do with those who inhabit it. 

From savage, unremorseful heroes, to deep, introspective villains, the cast of this story is comprised of believable characters capable of unthinkable actions. And it is these characters -- the ones you wish you could share a drink with or end up wanting to kill -- that forge the connection between fantasy and reality. Keethro, Titon, Ethel, Annora. These are names you will never forget, and each belongs to a man or woman as unique as they are memorable. 

No book would be complete without a its fair share of intrigue, however, and there is no lack of it here. Each chapter leaves you wanting more, and Ireman's masterful use of misdirection leads to an abundance of "oh shit" moments. Do not be fooled (or do -- perhaps that's part of the fun) by storylines that may appear trope-ish at first. This is no fairytale. 

Available on Amazon & Audible, Barns & Noble, iTunes, Google, and Kobo.


Guardians Of The Night

(Alan Russell)

(Gideon and Sirius)

This series is your classic, modern day vampire romance. Its a good combination between mystery and romance. The consensus is this series is not fantastic, but its not that bad either. Worth reading if you are looking for a paranormal detective vampire series. Like all books on this list, these novels have an adult bent to them.

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The Dark-hunter Series

(Sherrilyn Kenyon)

These novels are so popular theyve even spawned a Manga series. Two words to describe this: lots of sex and lots of action with a decent plot thrown in. I prefer these to the Anita Blake series because theres actually an interesting plot. Overall, The Dark Hunter series are worth reading if you want an atmospheric vampire romance series with a lot of passion. The author also combines Greek mythology with the classic vampire myths. Way cool.

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This starts with “An Interview with a Vampire.” Rice is the mother of all the modern Twilightesque novels. She’s pretty much pioneered the current generation of urban vampire stories. The first three novels in the Vampire Chronicles are classics and must be read!

Books in The Vampire Chro... Series (12)

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(Bram Stoker)

This is the classic vampire novel, the one that arguably started the whole vampire trend. There have been many imitations over the years, but never has one single book changed pop culture like Bram Stoker’s masterpiece has. This is not necessarily the “best” vampire novel, but it certainly is one that should be read by any true vampire fan.

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Fevre Dream

(George R.R. Martin)
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Award Nominations:1983 LocusF, 1983 WFA

This is one stellar book on many levels. It's hands down one of the best vampire books ever written and it made our Best Vampire Books list as well as our Top 25 Best Stand Alone Fantasy Books list. Its a novel not so much about vampires as about friendship. The setting too is unique in vampire fiction, taking place on the Mississippi river during the heyday of the great riverboats). Think Mark Twain meets Dracula.

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I Am Legend

(Richard Matheson)

Richard Matheson’s classic novel about a man who wakes up to find he’s the last human on the planet. The novel’s relentless, chilling, and poses some interesting questions about humanity. The movie starring Will Smith did a good job, but it pales compared to the movie. This is a must-read vampire novel.

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Salem's Lot

(Stephen King)
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Award Nominations:1976 WFA

If you are tired of all the romance vampire novels around and you are in the mood for something scary, Salem's Lot is one of the best vampire novels out there. It's a classic Stephen King novel that does everything right. It's definitely considered one of King's best novels.

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The Historian

(Kostova Elizabeth)

Do you like creepy tunnels, ancient runes, and dark crypts with strange things living in them? If such thoughts send delightful chills down your spine, The Historian is your sort of vampire novel.  Take the Da Vince Code, toss in a bit of Dracula, add some Steven King, shake it around for a while, and The Historian is born.

This novel takes the historical fiction genre and merges it with the vampire genre. The result is something enjoyable and scary. The Historian has everything you could want in an exciting novel: thrills, suspense, accurate historical fiction, an intelligent plot, and a cast of interesting and well developed characters.  So for adults looking for a vampire historical thriller book,  The Historian gets my vote.

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The Undead Series

(MaryJanice Davidson)

If you are looking for a good laugh and a vampire novel that doesn't take itself too seriously, the Undead series is a blast of fun. Its rolling-on-the-floor funny and a great way to cheer yourself up if you need a book to lift your spirits. Just be prepared to spend a great deal of time laughing out loud when you read this series (not recommended that you read in the library!).

Books in Undead Series (14)

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A young woman is murdered only to find out that shes a vampire. Except shes got to learn the ropes by herself. This series is pretty hilarious, seamlessly combining vampire problems with young woman problems including such things like bad double dates, outwitting vampire hunters, and finding a true love who doesnt want to kill you. This is Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a lot more laughs.

Books in Immortality Bite... Series (8)

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Fat White Vampire Blues

(Andrew Fox)

(Fat White Vampire Blues)

As the title suggests, life is not all it's made out to be when you're a vampire, especially when you're a white vampire with a 350lbs weight problem.

Books in Fat White Vampir... Series (2)

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How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire

(Kerrelyn Sparks)

(Love at Stake)

With a title like that, how can this NOT be funny. And it is folks, it is. It is.

Books in Love at Stake Series (16)

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